Friday, June 27, 2008

Three is a magic number

Last night I had a mommy's time out with several friends. We get together once a month and it is always fun and interesting. The topic o'the evening last night was predominantly kids; specifically the number of kids people have. We talked about this person who has five and is wanting at least seven, and another person who had three kids already then got pregnant with twins at 40 - willingly (go figure). It seemed to be the general consensus that big families are the norm and something everyone should experience.
Then there's me. I am the only one in our group who has one child and is shockingly happy with one. I don't find this fact shocking, but many others do. I actually teetered back and forth on even wanting kids for the first three years of my marriage; I had a successful career and filled my spare time with traveling, cooking, gardening, reading, or whatever made me happy. Then my biological clock started haunting me at the ripe old age of 35, so Great White Hunter (who has two children from a previous marriage) and I decided we would try. On our third attempt we were blessed with a pregnancy. When my beautiful son was born, I knew my life would never be the same but I didn't care. He is absolutely the greatest gift I have ever received and I wouldn't change a thing. We seem to be the odd man out, being just we three, but we are so happy and the closeness we share is amazing. Another important thing for me is that with one child, I'm able to hang on to a tiny bit of myself. If that makes me selfish then so be it. I prefer to think it just makes me happy, and when mommy's happy, life is good. Three is a magic number.


Jonelle said...

Hey Hun...we are defintely thinking the same thing..I am so happy with one and with our family unit of 3 (well 7 if you count Jimmy the Dog and the 3 kitties). I wouldn't change anything.
Love ya..Jo

Lisa N. said...

You are absolutely NOT selfish - we mommies need to hang onto those parts of ourselves. It keeps you sane and makes you a better mommy. :-)