Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday, Monday

Good Lord I loath Mondays. I cringe to get out of bed on Mondays because I know what's waiting for me (cue the theme from Psycho now)...dishes in the sink, piles and piles of laundry, no food in the house, dirty little foot and paw prints on the floor, and a schedule that would drive anyone crazy. (Today: Get Jaden to VBS by 9, make a made dash to the grocery store, pick up the dry cleaning, race home to put groceries away [while, of course, not exceeding the speed limit], clean the house, pick Jaden up by 12, probably feed him something, back home to attempt "rest time," off to Karate at 3, then head straight to swim lessons at 4:30)

So what am I doing at this early hour to tackle my Monday? Besides praying for the tiny little maid fairies to whip this place into shape, I'm sitting here with my ginormous cup of joe and blogging. Maybe if I write about it, all the icky Monday stuff will magically go away. I started this blog as a way to give my Mommy brain a break and write about things I love, but now I'm just wasting time in denial land. Oh well. I need something to do while waiting for the maid fairies, right?

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bellaskye said...

Did the maid faries come? Did you make sure to send them my way after they were finished? I miss seeing you!