Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A skate back in time

Tonight I will strap on some roller skates, something I have not done in many moons, and hit the local roller rink with my fellow mammas. I can't wait. When I was young, roller rinks were the thing to do and I loved to skate. If I close my eyes I am back in time; the lights are flashing and the music is loud, and I'm rolling without a care in the world (except hoping my hair looks good, because a cute guy just skated past me). If it was just me and my friends at the rink, we'd stand at the railing during every couple's skate hoping someone would ask us to skate. Oh, youth. What a simpler time. If only our worries back then were the extent of our worries now. Well, at least I'll have tonight to take me a place...where nobody dared to go...(sing it with me, then say a prayer I don't break anything!)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Get outside - leave the guilt behind

Our weather has been pretty wonderful over the last week, providing a glimpse of spring (and even summer) and a bit of a problem. How is nice weather a problem, you ask? Mostly because I'm choosing to spend so much time outdoors while things inside are becoming a bit neglected. This morning I heard my husband grumbling searching for some clean socks (which he didn't find) and then griping because we're out of half-n-half for coffee. Needless to say, the laundry needs to be done and groceries need to be bought, and the house really needs a good cleaning. However, my time has been occupied with other things, like planting flowers and herbs in pots on my patio, having a picnic outside with my son, and being outside just to be outside. I was starting to feel a bit of guilt until I stumbled across this little tidbit from The Old Farmer's Almanac:

Every woman should take a certain amount of exercise out-of-doors. It is necessary for good health and good nature, too. If by doing so you will be obliged to leave some of the work in the house undone, who will know or care 100 years from now?