Monday, June 16, 2008

Spice up your "S" life

Today was hot- very, very hot - and this heat has caused my culinary thinking to shift towards salads. Great White Hunter husband is never thrilled when I announce "It's Salad Night!", so I can't serve the basic lettuce tomato thing; I've got to get a little creative.

Tonight's "salad" was grilled red snapper (caught during our beach trip) served over a Beetroot and Mint Salad from one of my favorite cookbooks,
Flavours, by Donna Hay. The salad was scrumptious.
Normally I would include a finished product photo with my post, however, child-o-mine dropped our camera off the second-story deck at our beach abode, so stock photography is all you get today!)

Since the heat is definitely here to stay, it's all about salads for us. Some great ones to try:
  • Vietnamese mint noodle salad with Gulf Shrimp (from Flavours)
  • Whole wheat pasta salad with basil, tomatoes and mint (from Flavours)
Have a favorite salad recipe you'd like to share? Please do, and try one of these. They're bound to spice up your "S" life!


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