Saturday, June 7, 2008

Poo, Potatoes and Corn, oh my!

I had quite the day yesterday in terms of cool new eco-friendly finds. First off, while visiting my favorite Little Nature Store here in Boerne, I discovered poo paper; paper made from poo (panda poo to be exact). Of course, I immediately picked it up and smelled it and was relieved to find out it smelled like paper. Then I thought, you know your diet is rich in fiber if you're poopin' paper! Apparently in China there is a surplus of fiber-rich panda excrement and they're looking for ways to use it. So now I'm thinking, whose job is that - to keep track of the panda poop supply? Anyway, The Chiang Mai Zoo in northern Thailand already sells multicolored paper made from the excrement produced by its two resident pandas. Making paper there involves a daylong process of cleaning, boiling it in a soda solution, bleaching it with chlorine and drying it under the sun. So while it may not be totally organic, it's still a great way to save trees.
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Even cooler was my discovery last night while enjoying a little happy hour with the Hot Tamommies (what I affectionately call my circle of friends). Adorable Lindsay whips out these disposable plates made from limestone, corn and potatoes. Yea! Guilt free disposable stuff! The plates seemed very sturdy, are microwavable and heat/moisture and cut-resistant. You can even add them to your compost pile instead of your trash can, as they are totally biodegradable. Best of all, they're easy to find (Target and WalMart carry them) and cheap; around $2.99 for a package of 25 plates.

Not that I need another excuse to go to Target, but I'm on my way now to stock up on these plates. See, it really is easy being green!

Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees.
Revelations 7:3

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