Monday, June 16, 2008

Beach Therapy

Life is just better at the beach; at least it is for me. There is something so relaxing about vacationing near the water, with mother nature as your theme park. Having just spent the last four days at the beach, and despite four kids under the age of 5 surrounding us at all times, things didn't seem hectic or chaotic or stressful. The beach brought peace to us all. Kids played happily in the sand and sea for hours, then rested their tired heads in the shade of our beach umbrella, the sound of the waves lulling them to sleep. Moms and Dads selflessly took turns entertaining the kids to give each other a break, being grateful that the beach did most of the entertaining.

I am so thankful for the beach; the beautiful grass and flower-covered dunes, the soft sand under my toes, the sound of the waves, the cool ocean breeze that makes even the hottest days tolerable, and the look of wonder and amazement on my child's face as he finds treasures from the sea. It is the combination of all these things that create an incredible sense of peace and calm for me.

As Monday hits me like a ton of bricks and I'm thrown back into reality, I hope I find a moment to close my eyes and recapture the gifts of the beach.

Every good and perfect gift comes from above.
James 1:17


Mind Body Shop said...

My ideal relaxation is going to beach. I spend hours in swimming and sun bathing. Doing it all is like therapy.

Jonelle said...

Funny how "our" lives have changed, yet stayed the same. Remember when we used to go to the beach everyday during the summer on our rollerskates with those neon swimsuits...we were so relaxed having a great time. Now, we enjoy that same thing in life with our husband and child.
(( )) Jo