Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Farewell, for now

You know that feeling of "something's gotta give" when your life gets busy? I do not function well when my balance shifts heavily to one side, probably due to my need for a sense of calmness and peace. And tending to be a perfectionist does not help when I get a bit overwhelmed! My life at the moment is not allowing me much time to blog, as I know many of you have noticed. Whether I like it or not (not), I need to say farewell to the blogoshpere for a while.
I wont bog you down with details of why, mostly because I know we're ALL busy, each in our own way. I did, however, want to say goodbye. I'm not sure if or when my blog will be back, but I have hopes that it will. Until then, I wish you good things and happiness, and thank all of you who visited my blog and connected with me in the ether.

Love you up to the moon.