Friday, July 25, 2008

Where's the beef?

Great White Hunter has not been thrilled with this week's dinner menu to say the least. As I mentioned, I bought the cookbook Deceptively Delicious in my attempt to handle the current eating challenges presented by child o'mine, and this was it's debut week. Problem for the hubby is most things I chose to make are sans meat. Like the super yummy mac-n-cheese, which had white bean and cauliflower purees, or the butternut squash pasta dinner, which was also really good, however, no meat. Last night we had black bean burgers - oh so good - but Great White Hunter almost had a breakdown. "Where's the beef?" he protested. "Every night this week you've been feeding me plants. I want meat!" I tried to fib and tell him that there was beef in the burgers, but he didn't just fall off the meat-mobile yesterday, you know.

It's hard sometimes when you are trying so desperately to find things both your kids and your significant other will eat. I love to cook, but seriously, the people in this house need to cut me some slack and just eat whatever I serve them or I may stop serving them all together. I refuse to make two different meals - you know, how some people serve their kids different meals than they serve themselves - I'm just not going there. I am pretty close to going on strike; have my picket sign ready and I'm not afraid to use it. What ever happened to the love? What about, "Thanks Mommy for a yummy dinner." or, "That was good, honey, thank you for always cooking for us."

I'm going to take a vacation by myself and let Great White Hunter handle the mealtime for a week. Maybe then I'll get some respect.

p.s., for dinner tonight he's getting steak, pork chops, hamburgers, chicken, ribs, lamb, venison, get the picture. Maybe then he'll be happy.

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