Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh where oh where has my marital bed gone

Great White Hunter and I share a pretty comfy king size bed, but lately the whole marital bed thing has gone to pot. We have a 75 lb. chocolate lab "puppy" who has outgrown her crate, decided her lovely doggie bed just ain't cutting it, and some how ends up on our bed each night. Just after we've crawled into bed, she jumps up and is all, "OK Mom and Dad, good night!" but we quickly shoo her off and she obeys. She acts all cute curled up on her bed until we've drifted off into dream land, then makes her way back on to our bed (very quietly I might add, because she never wakes us up in doing so, which isn't easy for a 75 lb dog). So every morning I awake feeling more like a pretzel scrunched between a snoring husband and a snoozing dog. What's wrong with this picture?

King size bed good, not good with dog and husband. No room for wife to stretch out. Wife not happy.

About two nights ago, my sweet child decided he's scared of his room and doesn't want to sleep in his bed anymore; wants to sleep with Mommy and Daddy (and the flippin dog, too). This really came out of nowhere - kind of blind sided me because I thought I was going to escape this phase. The bedtime ritual has gone from teeth brushing and story reading to checking under the bed and in the closet, spraying the windows with ghost and monster repellent and calling on the angels to guard and protect (child o'mine thinks this only works if I chant and do funky wiping motions while "applying the repellent").
Despite my best efforts to create a ghost and monster-free room, the child still wants to sleep with us. Great White Hunter, God love him, gives in every time. Now our comfy king size bed for TWO seems more like that bed in The Napping House story, except Mommy ain't sleeping.
Good grief.

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andi said...

Happily, the daughter hates sleeping in our bed. I hope to keep it that way - a king would never fit up our staircase so it's a bit squishy in there with company. :)