Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My brave little boy

Today was a scary day around our house; my first big mommy scare. Child o'mine was playing "dinosaur hunter" with our Lab Lily and chasing her when he lost his balance and fell head first onto our coffee table. The minute I saw his head I knew we needed to get to the ER. It was a deep, wide cut just above his left eyebrow (barely missing his eye, and we're thanking God it did). I tried not to panic or cry, but that's pretty hard when your child has a bloody, gaping wound. I quickly realized I had to get it together, that he needed me to be brave so he could be.

To add to the drama, this happened minutes before we were to leave to take my sister and 4-month old niece to the airport. I called for my sister to come quickly and told her I had to take my baby to the ER. She cradled him, holding a cloth to his head while I frantically made phone calls trying to find her a ride to the airport. Once we got that handled (thank you Kim, you are a true blue friend), my sister suggested we put a bandage or something on his head for the ride to the ER. She raced to her bathroom and came out with a panty liner and some Diego band aids. We thankfully snapped to our senses and grabbed some gauze and first aid tape instead.

I had to rush out and leave her behind to wait for her ride, which is not the way I would have liked to end our visit, but it is what it is. Another true blue friend rode with me to the ER to keep me calm and avoid a speeding ticket or worse, an accident.

My sweet bean was so very brave at the ER. Watching him wrapped like a burrito, his face covered in a blue cloth while the doctors/nurses were stitching him up seemed to scare me more than him. He never cried but instead put on his best big boy front and got through it all with flying colors.

We're home now, and he's resting. I've said many prayers of thanksgiving that four stitches was all he got and more prayers that we keep trips to the ER few. All the mommy/child struggles and challenges we've had this summer have faded from my mind, and all I want to do now is hold him and love him and keep him safe. I love you, my brave little boy.


HipMomma said...

Oh, your poor little guy. I would have freaked out, panicked, cried, the whole nine yards.

Jonelle said...

I am so sorry you had to go through that! I can tell you from experience (not once, but twice!) that is the most scariest moment to have to see what your child is going through. I could visually see everything you describe. In June Aidan took 2 tumbles and we had 2 trips to the ER. The first once was not as bad, but the second was exactly like you describe!! He tripped at school on the table and had this huge cut on his head. I have attached a photo of him. His scar is healing nice (thanks to mederma!). Glad he didn’t have a concussion. That was one thing I was worried about with Aidan. I never drove so fast in my entire life to get him to the ER. Glad you had someone there for you. They wrapped him like a mummy, he had four stitches too!! Boy he didn’t like that!! Glad everything is OK.

See what us Mommies have to go through!


Anonymous said...

Coffee tables should be banned
In fact, I did ban them from my home the day I got pregnant with my oldest and I have forbidden them ever since.

Even though we have only big kids now, I still will now allow a coffee table in the house. You never know when someone will play dinosaur hunter and have an accident. It's not worth the risk.

Doris said...

Only soft ottomans in my house
Big hugs to your brave little man. I have three boys, who now are all at least 1 inch taller then I am, I can remember when I banned coffee tables.My middle son never walked, he started running. He just let go of my hand and ran, it was scarey at the time, but now it's amusing to think back on those clumsy months of him trying to learn balance!He was 14 months old when he ran into the coffee table in our family room. I was horrified to see his beautiful blue eyes filled with tears and blood as the cut was just inches above his left eye. I grabbed him, my oldest son and we jumped into the car and raced to the emergency room. Once there, all cleaned up I could see the gash below the eyebrow, just narrowly missing his eye socket.Eight stitches and we were homeward bound. All dreaded coffee tables were removed from our home the next day, and instead I purchased soft ottomans to old drinks and books. Now he's 17, we still don't have coffee tables. He does have a cool scar that girls seem to love!