Friday, October 31, 2008

Mommy Magic

Today being Halloween, much time was spent in preparation for the evening's festivities. My son is dressing up as an Astronaut, and I purchased a bright orange jumpsuit for him to wear. He was not impressed with the costume, said it "didn't have all the parts." He was right. The outfit, while cute, needed some pizazz. I didn't think I could talk him in to wearing any sort of helmet for more than 5 minutes, so I decided to try for something else.

Armed with tin foil, duct tape, an empty water bottle and crepe paper, I whipped out some pretty cool gravity boots and a jet pack. When I showed them to my son, his eyes got so big and a huge smile covered his face. "Wow! How did you make those? Did you use your Mommy Magic?" Of course I replied, "Yes, I did!"

It's a pretty awesome feeling when your child looks at you like you're the greatest thing out there, and that's hard to come by anywhere else. As Moms, we do lots of things every day that go unnoticed, so it's nice when our efforts are appreciated. As our children grow up the Mommy Magic moments will be few and far between, but if we try hard enough, they will still occur. I plan on trying to wow my son well into adulthood. Our kids are worth the effort, and we Moms deserve the praise.

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