Monday, March 22, 2010

Picture Perfect Vacation

We had barely arrived and my little man just had to make his very first snowman, whom we appropriately named "Slumpy"
(and yes, I knit both of those hats, thank you very much!)
The view from our deck was awesome, and so were the slopes!

To say Jaden loved the snow is an understatement.
Jaden was a natural on skis, and pretty independent. I only had to dig him out of the trees once...
We had an amazing time, and have already mades plans to go back next year.  
Can't wait.


Honorary Indian said...

ok...yes...your jacket ROCKS! our kids adored the snow, too...all 3 indians wanted to MOVE to utah...egads!

impressive caps you knitted...maybe some of my creations will end up in next year's ski pictures...

Cindy said...

what a great trip!!! i love the picture of you and your little guy. love the snowman and the hats too:) wish i could ski but that i am not that coordinated!