Friday, March 26, 2010

Flower fix

Good friends always have good advice. They can help you sort out your thoughts and see the light at the end of tunnel. And if the light is pretty far off, you can count on your friends to find ways to cheer you up. I was having lunch with some girlfriends the other day, sharing some issues and thankful for their attentive listening earsAfterwords, my good friend gave me a hug and said, "Go get yourself some flowers to put around the house, they will brighten your day."

She was right. And I did. As simple as it may sound, surrounding yourself with the beauty of nature truly does wonders for your outlook on life. No matter how bad you feel, the vivid colors of flowers and the beauty they add to your environment can make you feel a little less agitated and more hopeful about the outcome of the day.

So why not try and keep yourself a little box of happiness and hope at your house? Pick up a couple bouquets of flowers, or maybe even a few flowering gems for your yard. You'll be amazed at the quick fix flowers can bring.

Got me a Streptocarpus - no, not a sickness, a beautiful plant closely related to the African violet.  It's one of my favorite flowering houseplants. Learn how to care for it here.


Honorary Indian said...

That is one beautiful arrangement. And I'm so encouraged and cheered up by the hanging plants that adorn my front and back porches. It almost makes me forget all my worries and sadness...especially about missing Buddy.

Thank goodness for girlfriends....

Cindy said...

i totally concur!!!!! always helps to lift the mood to have something colorful and beautiful in some water. makes me so very happy and yours are so very gorgeous i must say!!