Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Warrior Princess

This is Dorothy.

She is one adorable two-year old.
She exudes sweetness, and you want to hug her every chance you get.
Her mommy says she sings the cutest rendition of "Mockingbird" you've ever heard.
Her laugh is infectious.
She loves to look at the moon and the stars.
Last weekend, I got to hold her hand as we walked to the beach.
We made dribble castles together and she was fascinated.

She thinks everything is beautiful. ("Look at the clouds, they're beautiful!")
She's also fighting the biggest battle of her little life.
Dorothy has cancer.
It's one of those things you can't grasp, can't understand no matter how hard you try.
She's so little, yet she's fighting something bigger than most of us will ever have to.
Spend a few hours with this amazing child and you will find inspiration, courage, and warmth.
You will also feel anger and frustration.
But you will fall in love with her, and be amazed at the life lessons you will gain from this two-year old.
What a gift.
I thank God for her every day, and I pray for her.
I know she would love it if you could pray for her, too.


HipMomma said...

She is just so precious. I will hold my girls harder today and think of her.

patty said...

what a sweet girl. sweeet pics, sweet post. i'll pray for her, too.
and, yes. nature rocks! thanks for stopping by. :)

cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

Nicole, what a sweet little girl. It is heartbreaking thinking she is so young fighting this disease. It brings tears to my eyes and my heart. Warm thoughts and prayers for her and your family. xo

Kay aka Mom said...

Such beautiful thoughts for such a beautiful little girl. Certainly with all our prayers, she will beat this nasty old thing....We love you all, and pray for your strength and courage during this difficult time. Dorothy is lucky to have such a wonderful family. xoxoxo Mom

Cindy said...

I will be praying for her. really hard to comprehend with this happens to a child.