Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Farewell, for now

You know that feeling of "something's gotta give" when your life gets busy? I do not function well when my balance shifts heavily to one side, probably due to my need for a sense of calmness and peace. And tending to be a perfectionist does not help when I get a bit overwhelmed! My life at the moment is not allowing me much time to blog, as I know many of you have noticed. Whether I like it or not (not), I need to say farewell to the blogoshpere for a while.
I wont bog you down with details of why, mostly because I know we're ALL busy, each in our own way. I did, however, want to say goodbye. I'm not sure if or when my blog will be back, but I have hopes that it will. Until then, I wish you good things and happiness, and thank all of you who visited my blog and connected with me in the ether.

Love you up to the moon.


becky said...

aw, you'll be missed. i totally understand about life being busy. take care!

patty said...

so sorry to hear it. i had just found you! i wish you well, and hope you find balance and peace. :)

cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

Oh Nicole, sorry to hear you will be leaving....but I understand, it can be time consuming if you want to blog regularly. Recently I have been finding many more Texas bloggers who set up shop down at Round Top.... my friend from CA that has her own shop goes to Round Top each April and October - one of these times I will take the plunge and make it down there. Did you go? I guess the evenings are "party town". So much I have been learning through blogging and I am getting anxious to meet some of these new people. Thanks to you, and your blog...I found this other world out here. So sorry to see you go.....but hopefully you will find balance in your life and maybe have time in the future to reconnect with the blogging world. We'll keep in touch via email still and I hope one day I make it back down to your neck of the woods. Take Care, Hugs!

Honorary Indian said...

while i'm sad you have left blogland for now...i'm thrilled we have the chance to connect in person on a weekly basis.


Dancing Queen said...

hangin' on to hopes of meeting you in that sweet little B-town someday! i'm just coming off a huge hiatus from blogland myself, and missed everyone so much...I also missed the chance just to share & say whatever i wanted...kind of a neat thing:)

wishing you well as summer gets closer!!