Monday, March 2, 2009

Get outside - leave the guilt behind

Our weather has been pretty wonderful over the last week, providing a glimpse of spring (and even summer) and a bit of a problem. How is nice weather a problem, you ask? Mostly because I'm choosing to spend so much time outdoors while things inside are becoming a bit neglected. This morning I heard my husband grumbling searching for some clean socks (which he didn't find) and then griping because we're out of half-n-half for coffee. Needless to say, the laundry needs to be done and groceries need to be bought, and the house really needs a good cleaning. However, my time has been occupied with other things, like planting flowers and herbs in pots on my patio, having a picnic outside with my son, and being outside just to be outside. I was starting to feel a bit of guilt until I stumbled across this little tidbit from The Old Farmer's Almanac:

Every woman should take a certain amount of exercise out-of-doors. It is necessary for good health and good nature, too. If by doing so you will be obliged to leave some of the work in the house undone, who will know or care 100 years from now?




cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

Hey Nicole,

We were warm here, now freezing, and by weeks end almost 90....CRAZY TEXAS!!! This weekend I have talked my son into building me a veggie garden.....I will be planting soon soon as I know, no more cold weather!! Glad you have been outside...being healthy! :)

Hugs, Cheryl

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

oh can i ever relate! wanna know a secret? we're down to KLEENEX... yep... no TP to be had in the house! just about to head out to the grocery! :D
and to make matters worse... it's Kleenex WITH Vicks! hahaha

enjoy that beautiful weather... sounds AWESOME! where are you in the hill country?

Dancing Queen said...

we would LOVE to start a garden in our yard this year...just not sure if "drought" conditions are the time to start one...i love, love fresh herbs especially since they are so expensive at remember heb, right?? the place you need to go to get half & half???

i referenced you in my post today!!

HipMomma said...

So absolutely true. And I really do feel the difference on gloomy days.

Dancing Queen said...

thank you for the scoop on herbs...maybe it's because in the past we've done them in terracotta pots which absorbed any moisture they were supposed to be getting...who knows! i'm not that great a green thumb, but you sound like a pro!! post pics soon!!!

you don't happen to be in the same "hood" as hip momma, mamastoehead, and honorary indian do you?

patty said...

hello nicole-glad you're back, and here's to good health from spending time outside, and time outside with your son! :)

Dancing Queen said...

hope you didn't think i was sounding like a stalker;)
just was curious...we have a lot out there in the "boondocks" too, and are doing all we can to get out there as fast as we can...for now, we love hittin' the pool at the club & the sunday buffets...was hoping i'd have even ANOTHER friend to hopefully look forward to having as a neighbor someday:)