Monday, August 4, 2008

Homemade Body Scrub

I am a coffee lover - the smell of fresh brewed coffee gets me out of bed in the morning and I'm not a happy camper until I've had my first few sips. When I learned that caffeine is actually good for your skin (caffeine increases blood flow, which is very beneficial as a topical cellulite treatment and it's proven to revive the look of dull skin) I started making my own body scrub using ground coffee as the main ingredient. I must admit the stuff works. I use it about twice a week and my skin truly does look better. Several people have asked me for the recipe, so, pass the java - it's time to make some body scrub!

Coffee Body Scrub

(this makes enough for about 3-4 uses. You can double the recipe if you'd like)
1/2 cup ground coffee (I use fresh, but you can also recycle your used grounds)
1/4 cup brown sugar (for an extra beneficial exfoliant)
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract (for aromatherapy)
1/3 cup LIGHT olive oil or sweet almond oil
(I also add a few squirts of Vitamin E oil. If you have the capsules, just pierce a few and squeeze them into your scrub mixture)

Put all ingredients in a bow and combine thoroughly. Transfer to a jar or plastic container and store at room temperature. Use scrub in a hot shower and leave on your skin for a few minutes for maximum benefits.

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