Thursday, August 7, 2008

Eat Your Spinach

I recently read a hugely funny and informative book called "How To Eat Like A Hot Chick," and came away with a new appreciation for spinach. I've always liked the stuff, never squawked if it was in my food, but never made a steady diet of it either. According to the authors of this book, spinach is a "kick-*** food that will help you feel and look your hottest." Seriously, who doesn't want that? They bring up another good point about Popeye's secret: spinach is totally loaded with antioxidants and may also "help protect our hot little a**** from osteoporosis, heart disease, colon cancer and arthritis." Again seriously, who wouldn't want that?

The book gives many creative ways to sneak spinach into your daily life, and one of my favs is their spinach soup recipe. I've doctored it up just a bit - and hope you try this 'cause it's pretty hot (I even got my four-year old to eat some --- wooo-hooo!)

My version of the Hot Chicks Spinach Soup

In a soup pot set on medium heat, sauté some minced onion in a tablespoon of EV olive oil (if you've read this book you know the authors HATE olive oil. I don't and prefer to cook with it instead of using the butter they call for). After the onions cook a bit, add two cloves of minced garlic and cook for 1-2 minutes. Add four cups of skim milk, a pinch of fresh grated nutmeg and a pound of cooked spinach. (NOTE: you can either puree the cooked spinach before adding to the soup, or use an immersion blender once you've added the spinach, which I prefer, because it purees everything together nicely.) Season the soup generously with salt and pepper and serve topped with LOTS of Parmesan cheese. So good, it's hot!

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