Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Days of December

There are many things I love about the Christmas season. I love the spirit, the sights and sounds (my favorite Christmas songs are not so traditional, a few of which are playing for you now). I love the food, the celebrations, the cards that come only once a year, buying our tree (a real tree and nothing but), and especially Christmas Eve. That is my favorite day in December. There is a feeling on that day like no other. My son loves every day in December, thanks mostly to a gift we received from a very special family.  About 6 years ago, we had a Norwegian exchange student join our family for a year. Marte is now like a daughter to me, and our time with her was one of the best experiences I've ever had. She and her family left us with many special memories and gifts.  One of those gifts has become a much anticipated Christmas tradition in our house. We call it the Star Calendar.  It hangs on my son's bedroom door, and is the reason he's up at sunrise every day, checking what treat was left for him. This year, I think I'll mix it up a bit, taking some inspiration from this blog. I love the activities she's come up with; what a great way to celebrate the spirit of the season. 


HipMomma said...

Well, I can't take full credit but the ideas are all ours this year. Vienne did also include in our advent to "dress the dog up like an elf." Well see how that one goes. :)

Nix said...

I'm really enjoying reading your blog. I'm fairly new to blogging, and have found it takes lots of time!
Have a great day,

Anne said...


Thank you for showing us! This is very special for me too. Good and nice to know that some of our traditions are treasured even in Texas. I guess we all like Christmas very much! :-)

Love from Norway,

Shahana said...

Door decoration looks good