Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The color of my eyes

My eyes had many colors yesterday:  the first day of first grade for my little boy, who will soon be seven and isn't so little any more. My eyes woke up gray, fogged with drowsiness, then quickly changed to green, because it was time to get up and go. A little bit of silver and gold flew in to express my excitement about the big day. While walking to class (we only get to do this on the first day, so I treasure it!), my eyes turned blue when my son announced he didn't need to hold my hand. I reached for it, but was told "that's OK mommy, I'll just hold my backpack."  Ouch. Even though some good friends did a great job of keeping me busy most of the day, my eyes were brown, non-expressive and stagnant. After school, bright yellow as I waited to pick him up, anxious to see his eyes, which would tell me a lot about his day.

My eyes are hazel again, the color they've always been, as we made it through a big day and all in all, it was pretty good.

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Honorary Indian said...

My eyes stay blue...always...but their expressiveness (is that a word?) always gives me away...no matter how I'm feeling.

Be at peace with the way the day unfolded. It was just as it should have been. Including your little man politely declining to hold your hand. It broke your heart, yes, but he's spreading his beautiful wings and flying. Gracefully, I might add, thanks to your loving guidance.