Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If I seem confused, it's because my mind is on vacation

I can't take credit for the title of this post. My seven year old son uttered this phrase last night while we were walking our dog. It was like the child was reading my mind (which has been on vacation for several days now)!  I'm feeling a little wacky lately, something I will blame on hormones, because these days I blame everything on hormones.  In all seriousness, I have felt a little like I'm losing my mind.

Thank goodness I have plenty to do to keep myself busy. Yesterday I went out to pick some figs from our ginormous tree, 

and I was greeted by a party of vermin, trying to beat me to the picking. After I put my heart back in my chest (those dastardly squirrels scared me when they leaped out of the tree, cheeks full of figs) I discovered there were a few figs left for us humans to consume. And consume them we did. Wrapped up these sweet little gems in thin slices of prosciutto di parma, sprinkled them with aged balsamic vinegar, fresh thyme and shavings of parmigiano reggiano cheese, and scarfed them down. Delish.


Honorary Indian said...

I have never had a fig. But if it were prepared the way you made it...well...I might just have to jump out of my comfort zone and try one.

As for those need to start charging them rent.

Moon Mommy said...

Jen, I'm not going to charge them rent, I'm going to put a price on their cute little heads....Look for your invitation to a squirrel shoot soon.