Monday, February 22, 2010

Avocado Poetry

(this one's for you, girls. and you know who you are...)

Here's what I know about the avocado.

Good ones come from California and sometimes Mexico.

Hass are the best by far and bar none.

You can forget all the rest, I've tried them, I'm done.

Not a veggie, but actually a fruit.

They taste devine and are nutritious to boot.

The fat isn't bad, they call it a MUFA.

Won't add cellulite to your bod, so you can put away the loofa.

The fruit hangs heavy in pairs on a tree.

I heard it's named after something from the male anatomy!

Some ancient cultures regarded them as holy.

You can make a lot with them, but my fave is guacamole.

Actually, the way I like to eat avocados the most

is mashed, smashed and spread on toast (rye, that is. the darker the better).


Honorary Indian said...

Crack me up!!!! But you forgot one word: SCAT!!!!


Amy Keith said...

Oh, you are good! I'm searching for Hill Country Beat Poets open mic night, there's a forum out there for this kind of talent!!

Cindy said...

oh i so agree, they are soooo delicious! i have been reading a lot lately and they are something you should have in you diet several times a week because of the great fat in them. yum yum! the bread spread looks delish!