Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finding peace in what you "do"

Have you ever had a feeling you just can't shake? A sense that someone is trying to tell you something you're not so sure you want to hear? Welcome to my life at the moment. I've ruled out mid-life crisis and any mental disorders, and what I'm left with is my own paradigm shift. I can't explain it and at times it's a bit scary, but something inside me just wont let up about the need to DO GOOD FOR OTHERS. No matter what I'm doing these days, everywhere I look I see needs. Needs that, is some way, I feel called to help fulfill. Believe you me, I did not actively search for a new purpose for my life. Lord knows I was trying to be content with my stay-at-home-Mom life and all it involved, thinking that was my purpose and it was good.

I tried to ignore it, but no such luck. I told myself it was hormones that were causing me to feel so off kilter. That didn't work for me either. So, I'm finding time in my life to give to those in need. I'm starting small, since baby steps work best for me, but I'm starting. Once a month some of my friends and I give manicures at a local nursing home. Other times I volunteer at this local organization that provides meals and other services to families in need. Sure, this adds to the load already on my plate, but the giving of my time pales in comparison to the gifts I receive.

We all think we're busy, and we are. We fill our time with kid duties, work duties, house duties and some days barely have a moment to breath. Where is the peace in that, and where, amongst our busy schedules, will we find time to do for others? That is a question you will have to answer for yourself, but I encourage you to seek. Only good things can come of it!

(PS, If you're unsure of how to get involved, visit this site, it's a great place to start.)

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Dancing Queen said...

how absolutely amazing that you give the manicures & now are doing even more! what a wonderful, special service that may seem small, but how incredible do those ladies feel having their nails done!

i do want to find other ways to help're an awesome inspiration:)

happy hearts day!!